I don’t know what happens next…!”, Professor Lawrie Phipps FHEA

During the Covid pandemic emergency, and building on previous research, Lawrie Phipps and Donna Lanclos talked to leaders across the UK higher education sector about their experiences of leading, teaching and learning, strategy and all things digital. These conversations see-sawed back and forth between “Here’s a list of tools you can use to put your class online” and “Here’s how we care for students, and staff”. During this session Lawrie will outline some of the key themes that emerged from these conversations, and what we hope comes next. 

Lawrie Phipps is the Senior Research Lead at Jisc, his current portfolio includes research into institutional digital practices, digital leadership and a range of emerging issues impacting on digital experiences in education and digital transformation. He is a qualified executive coach and has worked with a range of individuals and teams to support change initiatives in universities over more than 25 years. He is a professor of digital education and leadership at the Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence(KIITE), and he can also be found online at and on twitter @lawrie.


Reflections on a Year of Teaching Virtually, Dr Aziza Zaher, School of Modern Languages and Culture, Durham University

Online teaching has been a new experience for many of us last year. It challenged not only the way we conduct our work, but also our own self-perceptions as teachers. We have had to re-imagine our classes, syllabi, modes of delivery and even relations with students and colleagues. We have had to learn and use new tools, facing new challenges and finding new opportunities. The experience was so quick and intense that some of us did not have a chance to reflect on it. In this talk, I would like to share reflections on my first year of online learning and teaching and hear yours as well.

Dr Aziza Zaher is an Assistant Professor (Teaching) at Durham University, where she teaches on the Arabic Program at the School of Modern Languages and Culture. Aziza has a deep interest in working partnership with students and developing student communities.

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