ESLTIS 2021: (Re)Connection Event

10th September 2021, Online

Stop, Start or Continue

What can we take forward from a year like no other and what should we drop ?

We’ve all just had to work through a period of huge uncertainty, rethinking our teaching on a daily basis and how it can be adapted for the online world. It goes without saying this period has been incredibly tough on us and our students, but looking to a (hopefully) brighter future where do we go next ?

In this first online ESLTIS event, our aim is to give you an opportunity to connect, or reconnect with the UK HE Teaching Focussed Community, to catchup and to share what you’ve learned about your own teaching online. What have you started doing new in the online world, what have you tried that you’ll definitely stop when you go back to the classroom and what have you discovered that’s new and you’d like to continue. We’ll use an innovative platform to allow you all to contribute to these discussions in a range of teaching, learning, assessment and student support areas.

At the same time we’re all looking for clarity about the future. Our keynotes will explore from two perspectives whether Covid-19 will create a significant long term change in Higher Education, or whether once the world has been vaccinated we’ll return to pre-Covid teaching models, put bluntly are we at a tipping point in terms of a evolutionary leap in teaching and learning or are likely to tip back into business as usual ?